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“Aimée was simply wonderful! She helped us have the natural birth we wanted. She listened to all of our concerns and always kept my safety and the safety of my baby in first place without compromising our wishes. I truly appreciate her checking in with me to see how things are going and providing useful tips. I couldn't recommend her more!"


“My husband Billy and I asked Aimée to help us with our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I think of it as one of the best decisions we ever made. I felt as though Aimée intuited everything we needed before, during, and after William was born. She was gentle, had a sense of humor when we needed it, and I felt totally loved and adored through an extremely long and arduous labor–I know that without her support and that of my beloved husband, I might have given up.  Aimée remains so dear to our family.”


“I cannot say enough good things about Aimée. As a first-time mom-to-be, I had a lot of questions & anxieties. I really wanted a healthy, calm pregnancy and a beautiful, supported birth. Aimée’s gentle, confident presence put me at ease, and she always seemed when to know when I wanted more information or just to be told that everything was going to be okay. This same joyful, calming, and confident presence was particularly helpful during my labor. Aimée was wonderful, thoughtful, present, and reassuring. She helped me to labor as long as possible at home and was ready to help me birth when I got to the hospital. She continued to support me after my birth and was always available and responsive for any questions or concerns that came up. I am forever grateful to have had Aimée as a part of my birth team.”


“I can say without a doubt that Aimée’s presence made such a big difference for me to be able to have natural, unmedicated births. She was very well versed and confident in her knowledge of childbirth. She explains things in detail and is very patient with the parents to be. She even went so far as to capture the first precious moments on camera for us to always cherish! I would recommend Aimée to anyone looking for the best of care during their birthing process!”


“'The power and intensity of your contractions cannot be stronger than you, because it is you.'

~ Unknown.

Aside from being truly blessed to have Aimée Tom as one of my dearest friends, I was also blessed to have her present for the birth of my first daughter. My husband and I took her birthing classes that helped me navigate through this unknown process. It was no longer something to be scared of, but something to embrace and truly enjoy. When I went into labor, she was by my side the entire time, not telling me what to do, but helping me trust my instincts. Without me even saying a word, she knew exactly how to soothe and comfort me physically and emotionally. Aimée helped make the birth of my daughter the greatest experience of my life. As sad as I was that she was not able to be there for my second daughter’s birth, I soon realized that although she was not there physically, she was there spiritually. Everything that Aimée gave me before, from basic knowledge of the birthing process to the feeling of control, self- determination, and empowerment, I channeled that day. Because of her role in my life, I knew how to soothe and comfort myself physically and emotionally. I remember feeling completely in charge while laboring at home and finally birthing my daughter in the hospital. I could never thank Aimée enough for helping me realize that this is what our bodies are made to do, and there is nothing scary about it.”



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